Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You Rage, You Lose

I made it to 1:24 before my brain exploded. Is it just me, or has pop music gotten much worse since I was a kid?

I mean seriously, this - compared to Britney Spears (in her prime), N-SYNC and the Backstreet Boys? Now I'm not saying that these bands were good. But they far out shined the stuff thats passing for music these days.

Not that I'm all that invested in the teenie pop music scene. Figured it was worth mentioning though.


  1. Handled about 20 seconds - Holy god that was awful.

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  3. Yep, made 21 seconds.
    I cant handle it haha

  4. It's not just you. Music today is horrible.

  5. That's just sad. 20 seconds mark and I stopped.

    Nice blog mate, followed!

  6. Don't think I have ever cringed so much in my life

  7. What the hell? I always wonder what kind of guys grow up wanting to be in something like this.